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Sparking Change in Our Communities

DDI and our associates contribute time, money and training to improve lives worldwide

With 42 offices in 26 countries around the world, DDI is in a position to positively impact many communities. Whether organizing creative fundraisers to support major charitable organizations, sending a group of employees to present gifts to orphans, or providing complimentary leadership training through our U-SPARK program, DDI and its employees give back in many ways. And, on top of our company-based initiatives, a staggering number of employees are personally involved in a wide range of initiatives.

Here is a sampling of DDI’s commitment to our communities.

DDI contributes leadership training to Feeding America
DDI contributes leadership training to Feeding America
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DDI Receives Excellence in Professional Services Award from ACHIEVA
DDI Receives Excellence in Professional Services Award from ACHIEVA
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DDI-sponsored initiatives

  • United Way (USA)
  • American Cancer Society (USA)
  • New Choices/New Options program to help distressed people transition back to the workforce (USA)
  • Dress for Success (USA)
  • Leadership Pittsburgh (USA)
  • Operation "Thinking of You" (USA)
  • Pro Bono services to East Berkshire Women’s Aid to help victims of domestic abuse (UK)
  • Comic Relief (UK)
  • Slough Business Community Partnership (UK)
  • Hogar de la Misericordia children’s shelter (Mexico)
  • Reforestamos Mexico (Mexico)
  • Hogar Arco Iris de Jesus children’s shelter (Mexico)
  • Casa Hogar Pas children’s shelter (Mexico)
  • Fundraising for victims of the Victorian Bushfire tragedy (Australia)
  • Volunteer for local orphanage (India)

Of their own accord, DDI associates:

  • Support hunger relief locally and in Haiti
  • Raise awareness of and support prevention of child abuse
  • Visit senior care homes and orphanages
  • Volunteer for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation
  • Donate professional expertise to Urban League of Pittsburgh
  • Raise funds to feed Bangladeshi refugees
  • Give time as Big Brothers, Big Sisters and mentors
  • Support local rotary clubs
  • Raise funds for cancer care and research
  • Volunteer time for synagogue and church youth groups
  • Coach special needs sports
  • Tutor immigrants to the US in English
  • Volunteer for grassroots community clean-up programs
  • Serve on the boards of non-profit organizations dedicated to the arts, at risk youth, and conservation
  • Fundraise and volunteer for animal welfare and rescue organizations
  • Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

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