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#DDITournament: The Champion Revealed!

It’s all over! Call us clueless because we had no idea that our 16th seed would go all the way! The fourth and final round of the #DDITournament came to an end crowning Having a Clueless Boss as the biggest challenge frontline leaders are facing.  Click here to learn more about each frontline leadership challenge that bit the dust in this tournament.  

As much as we were hoping that leaders weren’t facing this challenge, “Having a Clueless Boss” solidified the question we started asking back in February: What is the biggest challenge frontline leaders are facing? Truly, we thought it would be more of a contest tipping off with “Changing Old Habits,” but “Having a Clueless Boss” took the lead early and kept it the whole way through. With 53% of the votes, clueless boss was able to claim its win and cut the net down.

While we are surprised, we shouldn’t be too shocked. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, 60% of leaders said they never received any training and development they need before they transitioned into their first leadership roles. This is a huge issue, and it’s time we did something about it! 

We are already looking forward to DDI’s Leadership Tournament for 2020! Stay tuned! 

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Posted: 12 Apr, 2019,
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