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6 Moments That Will Make a Leader’s Day

by Michelle Emanuele

6 Moments That Will Make A Leader's DayWhether it’s continuous interruptions, a calendar flooded with meetings that spares only 30 minutes to actually get work done, or even attending meetings about having more meetings—leaders encounter many things that can deteriorate their day. But sometimes there are moments that really make it all worthwhile.

Here are a few that can make a leader’s entire day:

  1. Witnessing an employee taking the initiative to begin and lead a successful project.
  2. Seeing evidence that your hard work in changing the team culture is paying off.
  3. Watching teammates confidently apply skills they've learned from conferences, webinars, and training.
  4. Learning that your department has exceeded its goals—thanks, in large part, to your team.
  5. Finding out that team members are learning from and coaching each other.
  6. Finding inspiration from the success stories of leaders from other organizations.

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Michelle Emanuele manages DDI’s international social presences on the company’s official accounts for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. She also acts as a resource for employees within the organization to learn about social media and its functions. Outside of her daily digital world, Michelle enjoys shopping for the best deals on clothing and spends time in the kitchen perfecting the Pinterest recipes she pins to her boards.

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Posted: 21 Jun, 2018,
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