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#DDITournament: Round 1 Recap & Round 2 Predictions


After receiving thousands of votes in just 2 days, the #DDITournament Round 1 has come to an end with some surprising and some not so surprising winners. Click here to learn about each of the frontline leadership challenges competing in the tournament.

The biggest surprises were not necessarily the winners, but the margin by which they won. In one matchup, “Motivating Employees” beat “Managing Friends” with 62% of the votes vs just 38%. Many first time leaders move into their roles from individual contributor positions where they are now faced with managing their friends. However, once they get beyond that hurdle, they now are dealing with the longer-term challenge of motivating all of their employees. Similarly, “Handling Team Conflict” beat out “Influencing Others” by a large majority. For our experts, that was a sign that there might be more issues with team conflict than they originally predicted.

For the next round, we’re seeing some great new matchups. One of the ones we’ll be watching closest are “Driving Change” vs “Impact of My Decisions.” Change is a constant in the modern workplace, and our experts are eager to see how much of a challenge it poses for today’s frontline leaders.

Don’t miss out on your chance to vote! Follow the #DDITournament on Twitter and check back for the next round of polls opening on Tuesday, March 26.

Interested in how the tournament played out? Check out our follow-up vlogs!

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Posted: 22 Mar, 2019,
Talk to an Expert: #DDITournament: Round 1 Recap & Round 2 Predictions
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