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#DDITournament: Round 2 Recap & Round 3 Predictions

With even more participation that the first round, the #DDITournament Round 2 has busted a lot of brackets with some surprising results. Click here to learn about each of the frontline leadership challenges competing in the tournament. 

The most shocking piece were the winning margins of the four faceoffs. The largest spread was “Motivating Employees” gaining 62% of the votes against “Giving Tough Reviews” with only 30%. The closest faceoff was a difference of just 4% in recognizing a winner to move on to the final four challenges with “Driving Change” beating out “Impact of My Decisions” with 52% to a 48%. However, when it came to “Changing Old Habits” versus “Handling Team Conflict,” it was apparent that our followers rather deal with conflict instead of getting their partners to change old habits—it’s that much more straining to overcome this challenge. To us, though, the biggest surprise happened in the faceoff between “Giving Up Control” and “Having a Clueless Boss.” With Clueless Boss taking the crown, we are disappointed in hearing so many leaders are feeling like their bosses don’t have a clue.  

For the next round, we’re seeing two big player matchups, and we’ll be watching closely: “Driving Change” versus “Changing Old Habits” and “Motivating Employees” versus Having a Clueless Boss” 

Don’t miss out on your chance to vote! Follow the #DDITournament on Twitter and check back for the next round of polls opening on Tuesday, April 2. 

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Posted: 29 Mar, 2019,
Talk to an Expert: #DDITournament: Round 2 Recap & Round 3 Predictions
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