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Ensuring your leaders have what it takes. Across 93 countries/regions.

Main Office
97 Uisadang-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07327, Korea
Tel: +(822) 6336-6833     Fax: +(822) 6336-6710

Hello, and welcome to SNA-DDI.

Stephanie NamDDI has been bettering the science of leadership for 45 years. Now SNA-DDI serves as strong partner of DDI in Korea. No matter how developed your organization is with technology, your true organizational strength comes from having the right leaders at every level. You need a trusted partner in developing those leaders to take on the challenges your business will face in the future.

The DDI network is built to serve multinational clients. SNA-DDI is part of a global infrastructure of 43 wholly owned or closely affiliated offices delivering to more than 90 countries. We have the experience and infrastructure to ensure projects run efficiently, are scalable, and deliver exceptional results around the world.

The business climate is changing at a rapid pace, and so is our workforce. The next generation of leaders will need to be prepared to take on unknowable challenges. DDI's solutions were developed to prepare leaders for these challenges. After leading the industry for the past 45 years and working with Fortune 500 companies in Korea and around the globe, we have the know-how to advance the leadership capability of Korea's leading companies.

Accelerating leadership capability around the world

DDI is recognized as a leading talent management consultancy. Utilizing world-class research and evidence-based development methodologies, we partner with South Korean organizations to select, develop, retain, and grow leadership talent to execute on business priorities.

With state-of-the-art acceleration, development, and training centers, DDI helps organizations identify, select, and accelerate leadership talent. We have prepared more than 20,000 executives for key leadership roles and new business opportunities and accredited more than 2,500 facilitators to deliver our award-winning leadership development solutions.

Based in Seoul, SNA-DDI provides organizational development and talent management services to our clients in both the public and private sectors. Clients tell us we’re valued as much for the easy working relationship we create as for our deep expertise and ability to master their business challenges.

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DDI Korea Blog
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