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To remain an industry leader and deliver on its growth-related strategic priorities, Epworth HealthCare had to find top talent to fill its senior positions. A ready supply of leaders within the business was not apparent, and the organisation could not rely solely on the market for this talent.

“We are in the service industry so our people are very important to us. They’re the people that deliver the great care to our patients.... It’s the leaders who actually provide the leadership, accountability, the development of their people to deliver the great care we desire,” says Alan Kinkade, Epworth’s Group CEO. “We wanted not only to recruit the best talent, but also to grow the best—to fill our senior roles.”


A multi-step talent strategy included:

  • Identifying leadership potential using DDI’s talent factors.
  • Assessing talent pool members via a day-in-the-life executive simulation.
  • Individual development planning for using the acceleration centre results for a personalised learning experience with individual coaching and on-the-job application opportunities.
  • Group development including formal classroom learning using Interaction Management®: Exceptional Leaders (IM: ExLSM) and Business Impact Leadership® curriculums.


One of the results of this comprehensive talent framework is that all participants in the high-potential program have been promoted or have had the opportunity to act in stretch roles. “We advertised widely and got great fields of talent externally and internally. The great success for me about this program was that our internal candidates shone through and were successful in these positions,” said Kinkade. “It was a great cultural change for the organisation.”

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