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Mainland China

Ensuring your leaders have what it takes. Across 90+ countries/regions.

DDI China is recognized as the leading talent management consultancy in China. Utilizing world-class research and evidence-based development methodologies, we partner with Chinese organizations to select, develop, retain, and grow leadership talent to execute on business priorities.

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Welcome to DDI China

We invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know us, and our approach to leadership.

With state-of-the-art acceleration, development, and training centers, we help organizations identify, select, and accelerate leadership talent. And we’ve done so since 1976, preparing more than 20,000 executives for key leadership roles and new business opportunities and accrediting more than 2,500 facilitators to deliver our award-winning leadership development solutions, including leadership solutions - both online and offline - in the digital era.

Based in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, DDI China provides nationwide organizational development and talent management services to our clients in both the public and private sectors. Clients tell us we’re valued as much for the easy working relationship we create as for our deep expertise and ability to master their business challenges.

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Make the Switch to Virtual Classroom

Great leadership depends on human connection. That’s why it’s so important that leaders learn together. And it’s why the traditional classroom format has always been king for leadership development.

But you don’t have to give that up when your workforce goes virtual. Virtual classrooms are so much more than webinars or online training. They’re an engaging virtual environment where leaders connect and discuss live. And they offer incredible flexibility to bring people together wherever and whenever works best.

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The Leadership Development Playbook

Explore trends and proven best practices to design powerful development experiences in a disruptive leadership development landscape.

Our playbook will help you:

  • Spot the trends disrupting leadership today
  • Understand common challenges leadership development teams face
  • Explore new perspectives to reimagine your approach to developing leaders
  • Tap into 5 best practices to deliver high-impact leadership experiences
  • Create blended learning journeys in multiple formats

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By Your Side in Times of Crisis: Resources

As communities and business quickly adapt to the global pandemic of Covid-19, people are looking for strong leadership more than ever. We're working hard to build and share resources to help you and your leaders pivot to meet these challenges.

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Client Public Workshops?auto=format&q=75

Client Public Workshops

DDI’s certification workshops are designed to build capability and enhance your ability to drive business impact for your organization. Workshops are held in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and are intended for the purpose of individuals within prospect and client organizations. 

Facilitator Certification Process Workshop—Become an accredited DDI Facilitator to deliver over 60 award winning leadership development courses.​

Targeted Selection®: The Art and Science of Behavioral Interviewing—Become a confident interviewer using the world’s most proven, accurate behavioral interviewing system.

Targeted Selection®: Trainer—Become an accredited TS Trainer to implement the world’s most proven, accurate behavioral interviewing system in your organization.

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The program’s results—the positive impacts to our business—are impressive, but I’m most excited by what I’m hearing from leaders.

— Andy McNeill, Global Talent Development Manager, Fugro

Meet Our Local Team


When you trust us to help your leaders excel today and tomorrow, you allow this team to keep your organisation’s needs top of their mind.
Get to know our local leaders.

Mindy Yeh
Senior Vice President, Asia

Mindy Yeh leads DDI's business strategy and operations in the Greater China region, including Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan.

Learn more about Mindy

Amanda Lu
Managing Director, East China

Amanda has over 20 years' experience in human resources management, talent selection and development, in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, information services, banking and insurance

Learn more about Amanda

Andrew Chu
General Manager, DDI Beijing

Andrew Chu is general manager of DDI Beijing, has rich experience in the field of talent management and is recognized by many well-known enterprises.

Learn more about Andrew

Jenny Yao
Managing Director of South China

Jenny Yao plays a role as Managing Director of South China, DDI. She manages large engagements that involve executive-level assessment and development.

Learn more about Jenny

Ellen Lee
DDI Managing Director, Taiwan

Ellen Lee is the general manager of DDI South China & Hong Kong, and is responsible for regional operations, business development, and marketing strategy.

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Vincent Sun
Digital Business Manager of DDI

Vincent oversees Information Technology and Digital Strategy in Asia, and established DDI LEAF in 2017 to accelerate the development of digital products for corporate leadership

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HuiYuan Li
General Manager, GC TDS

Huiyuan Li now is serving as general manager of Talent Diagnoses, Greater China in Development Dimensions International (DDI).

Learn more about HuiYuan

Mike Lin
Head of Accelerated Development Solutions, DDI Greater China

Mike is the Head of Accelerated Development Solutions, DDI Greater China. He is responsible for research and development of online and classroom training, and optimizing the learning experience.

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Stella Chang
Marketing Director, Greater China

Stella provides training and consultation in Leadership Development, Talent Selection and Talent Management. She currently serves as marketing director of Greater China.

Learn more about Stella