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Leadership ideas, trends, and smarts

Welcome to Leader Pulse, DDI’s blog that has its finger on the pulse of leadership trends, practices, and ideas. Here, DDI’s leadership experts from around the world share insights, offer opinions and points of view, and spark debate on current leadership issues.

April 2019

The Most Misunderstood—and Crucial—Skill Every Leader Needs
Empathy isn’t about approval or validation. It’s about making people feel that you hear them and understand them.
Posted: 24 Apr, 2019, by Erwin Lennertz
The 5 Songs on Your Manager’s Playlist
The results of the DDI Leadership Tournament recapped in song.
Posted: 19 Apr, 2019, by Mark Busine & Beth Almes
3 Ways Leadership Is Like Training for a Marathon
The various stages of training and running a marathon are comparable to starting your first frontline leadership job.
Posted: 16 Apr, 2019, by Carly Barry
#DDITournament: The Champion Revealed!
It's all over! Check out the winner of the 2019 DDI Leadership Tournament.
Posted: 12 Apr, 2019, by DDI Leadership Tournament
How to Amplify a Teenage TED Talker
With expert coaching, a teenager was able to wow her audience with a personal, passionate TED Talk on the importance of organ donation.
Posted: 09 Apr, 2019, by Tacy M. Byham, Ph.D.
#DDITournament: Round 3 Recap & Round 4 Predictions
Check out the winners and losers of Round 3 of the DDI Leadership Tournament and get the inside scoop on the Conference Finals 4 starting April 9th!
Posted: 05 Apr, 2019, by DDI Leadership Tournament
How Peer Coaching Impacts Performance
Everyone benefits when coaching behaviors are integrated into day-to-day conversations and formal processes.
Posted: 02 Apr, 2019, by Bruce Court
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