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Jazmine Boatman Blogs

Boatman Jazmine, Ph.D.

Jazmine Boatman, Ph.D. is a senior consultant with DDI’s New York operations team. She works with clients to build and accelerate leadership capabilities to drive business performance.

As an industrial-organizational psychologist with special expertise in leadership and business impact analytics, Jazmine has worked with numerous Fortune 100 and 500 organizations.

As I transition in and out of leadership roles, across functions, and in new markets, I ask: Am I ready? I answer: I’m ready now—and never.
Posted: 5/10/2016 by Jazmine Boatman, Ph.D.
Learn the primary reason for the failure of frontline leadership and how to prevent related productivity losses and team disengagement.
Posted: 10/11/2013 by Jazmine Boatman, Ph.D.
How can organizations revolutionize their practices for drastic improvement in the quality of leadership? Consider these key drivers.
Posted: 8/29/2013 by Jazmine Boatman, Ph.D.
This blog explores the preparedness of leaders for managing organizational dilemmas/business challenges and sensitive interpersonal issues.
Posted: 8/22/2013 by Jazmine Boatman, Ph.D.
DDI's research has shown that Generation Y leaders crave more coaching – something that older generations are the perfect candidates to deliver. But the research has also shown that the majority of leaders can’t coach effectively.
Posted: 7/31/2013 by Jazmine Boatman, Ph.D.
If hiring the wrong person may seem like a relatively isolated, recoverable mistake, it’s one that is bound to come back around – and with a vengeance. To prevent this from happening in your organization: What are you doing to break this vicious cycle?
Posted: 5/9/2013 by Jazmine Boatman, Ph.D.
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