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The Dynamic Duo in Talent Management

By Amogh Deshmukh

Amogh Deshmukh

To see “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” in action, look no further than the Dynamic Duo. Back in the 1940s, the term Dynamic Duo referred to two superheroes, Batman and Robin, who came together to dominate and destroy evil. Since then, whenever two great people come together for a greater good, we dub them a "dynamic duo."

Have you ever wondered why comic book writers started having more than one superhero in a plot together? The audience always imagined it would be fun. But if you take a closer look, you will observe that the plots created were such that the challenges could not be dealt with by the power of any single superhero.

The Dynamic DuoSo what does the Dynamic Duo have to do with assessment and development?

Assessment and development, the two superheroes, each work in their own silo. What today’s corporate world needs is for these two strong systems to work together seamlessly to have a greater impact on the organization’s growth and evolution.

But organizations are behind when it comes to their future talent planning. DDI’s research shows that globally only 15 percent of organizations have a strong bench to fill future positions immediately, and only one third of HR leaders in India have confidence in the quality of leadership their organizations have (DDI GLF 2014). The data becomes scarier when one finds out that while Indian corporations do a decent job of high-potential identification, more than 60 percent of programs are ineffective.

Organizations spend too much time getting the design or the content right, but what they don’t understand is the increased power when assessment and development are strongly connected to each other. They can learn a lot from some key questions: Does the output from assessments serve as an input to development? Do the organizations ensure that both these systems are not disconnected or inconsistent?

Our extensive research at DDI has shown that these organizations that can get the combo of assessment and development to dance well have a lot of things going right for them.

Assessment and development are indeed the Dynamic Duo of talent management.

Amogh Deshmukh is head of sales and marketing at DDI India.

For more insights, read our white paper, The Dynamic Duo of Assessment and Development.

Posted: 07 Jan, 2015,
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