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Forgetting Someone on Boss’s Day?

By John Verdone

John VerdoneIt’s Boss’s Day on October 16.

If you’re being celebrated as a boss, it’s likely because you are a leader—someone who listens to your employee’s problems, champions their pay raises, and makes coming to work a whole lot more fun than a chore. Why not call it “Leader’s Day,” and make a point to give your thanks to the facilitators who helped you develop from “boss” to “leader.”

To get the party started, I thought I’d help answer the question so many of our leader-makers (talent, HR, and L&D professionals) struggle with: “What is it that you do for a living?” We all know that someone who makes contracts is a lawyer and someone who makes companies is an entrepreneur. But someone who makes people better leaders…wait, that’s a job?

My video-answer is below. Please share it with someone who made you a leader and not just a boss.

Better yet, to show your gratitude for all that they did and do, include this note:

Dear Leader-maker,

Happy Boss’s Day! I hope you can take a moment today to celebrate the impact you’ve had on me and all the people who are being celebrated by their teams today. The people who’ve become better than bosses: leaders.

You are the silent partner in our leadership success. If you’re doing your job exceptionally well, it’s likely that we may not be fully aware of your impact. But I am aware. And I want to thank you, and hope this video inspires you a little.

Thank you for all you do to make Boss’s Day something to truly celebrate.

On October 16—and every day!—let’s celebrate leaders and their makers.

Do you have a great leader story that you want to share? Send us your story and we’ll post it on our website and blog.

John Verdone is a Master Trainer and leads DDI’s Global Facilitator Excellence team. He is also one of the leading corporate consultants and leadership development facilitators in the United States. His areas of expertise include leadership and executive development, selection and assessment, and increasing organizational performance.

Posted: 09 Oct, 2015,
Talk to an Expert: Forgetting Someone on Boss’s Day?
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