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8 Interview Tips for High-Performing Hires

By Jamie Winter, MA 

Jamie WinterMost hiring managers would say they’ve been interviewing for a long time and know what they’re doing. Others say they’ve read a book about interviewing, downloaded an interviewing app, or watched a video about interviewing. How is all that playing out in the real world? Not very well.

8 Interview Tips for High-Performing HiresA recent global study of 20,000 new hires found that 46 percent of them had failed within 18 months—they either were terminated, left under pressure, or received disciplinary action or negative performance reviews. More than 80 percent of the hiring managers in the study admit that they should’ve done a better job interviewing employees.

The interview remains the key decision-making tool for virtually every job. To make sure this tool is properly used and optimizes results for your organization, consider these 8 best practices:

  1. As part of interviewer training, review your selection process, including a summary of the success profile for the targeted jobs.
  2. Include skill practicing in your training. The extra time you include in your training will pay off many times over through better prepared interviewers.
  3. Train your interviewers to measure motivational fit in the interviews, thus reducing new-hire turnover.
  4. Train your interviewers to consider the impact of the interview on the candidate. If a candidate has a bad experience with your organization, he or she can spread the word via social media in minutes.
  5. Spend time during training explaining the difference between legal and illegal interview questions. This is particularly important in the United States, where challenges to hiring processes are more common.
  6. Ensure your interviewers calibrate their candidate ratings on the targets covered in the interview and their candidate comparisons to make final hiring decisions.
  7. Spend time in training on integrating data with other interviewers. Data integration discussions can significantly enhance the quality of hiring decisions as well as serve to reinforce good interviewing skills.
  8. After training, reinforce interviewing skills through the use of on-the-job coaching, virtual skill practice sessions, or a streamlined version of the interview training program made available on a mobile phone.

Improving hiring managers’ interviewing skills is critical for any organization that uses interviews in their hiring process. For more best practices, read our Global Selection Forecast.

Jamie Winter is a manager in DDI's Selection Solutions Group.

Posted: 24 Sep, 2013,
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