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By Rich Wellins, Ph.D. and Tacy Byham, Ph.D.

Is there a secret ingredient for leadership? Yes! In fact, multiple researchers have found that empathy (or the ability to understand other’s perspectives) is a skill that defines a successful leader above all other skills. It’s more important than intelligence, appreciation, or involvement. So when it comes to having great conversations, empathy should be the highest priority for leaders in their daily conversations. But only 4 in 10 frontline leaders are capable of workplace empathy.

So where’s the gap?

Quality conversations quickly deteriorate with digital distractions and the substitution of emoticons for true emotions.

Watch our video to learn how leaders can build a bridge to a workplace with better interactions by focusing on learning empathy.



Learn more about how you can develop your leaders to have quality conversations and respond with empathy.



Rich Wellins, Ph.D., is senior vice president at DDI. He is passionate about helping organizations employ alignment and analytics to realize the potential of their leadership capability.


Tacy Byham, Ph.D. is DDI's Chief Executive Officer and is senior vice president at DDI and coauthor, along with Rich Wellins, Ph.D., of Your First Leadership Job: How Catalyst Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others.

Posted: 14 Sep, 2016,
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