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Healthcare Practice

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The Challenges Facing Healthcare

Government regulations, a looming workforce shortage, and changing technology continue to test how healthcare organizations grow and operate. Research shows that compared to other industries, healthcare leadership turnover is much higher, talent is not available to step into leadership roles, and not enough is being spent to develop staff and leaders.

DDI’s Healthcare Practice is equipped to help you with these daunting challenges. With a unique skillset, our Healthcare Practice provides the expertise and focus needed to help you drive your organization forward.

3 Reasons Healthcare is Trailing

Although many industries are facing leadership development and turnover challenges, healthcare is often rated lower—where it counts most.

Here are three statistics that stand out:

  • Only 5% of Healthcare HR Professionals believe they have a strong future bench
  • Healthcare’s leadership turnover rate is 42% higher than other industries
  • The healthcare industry invests only 50% of what other industries spend on developing talent

4 Ways DDI’s Healthcare Practice will partner with you:

  • Succession Management — We’ll work with you to bridge the gap between who’s on board now and who you’ll rely on tomorrow. Through fast-track learning experiences and executive coaching, your leaders will be ready to navigate the future of healthcare.
  • Executive Services — With decades of experience working alongside boards of directors, CEOs, and executive teams at the world’s top companies, DDI’s Executive Services group will be by your side to guide executive success through constant change.
  • Leadership Development — With programs that are aligned to your business and provide an engaging and personalized learner experience, our content and sustainability tools will have a lasting impact on your leaders’ behavior.
  • Leader Selection — DDI’s data-driven insights and structured behavioral interviewing will enable you to make the best hiring and promotion decisions. Our experience with defining a holistic profile for leader success, and onboarding employees to contribute faster, will help you drive higher performance.

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