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The Leadership 480SM Podcast

Being a Leader is Hard

Leadership 480 Podcast - Episode 4 - Mark Busine

Being a leader—especially a new leader—has never been easy. Now, it’s harder than ever. Why?

In this episode, Leadership expert Mark Busine explains the sobering reality of becoming a leader. He also discusses research showing that it’s not leaders’ fault. One of the biggest reasons leadership is hard is because leaders aren’t prepared for everyday challenges.

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The Leadership 480 Podcast: Being a Leader is Hard (Apple)
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02:55 – Being a leader has always been hard, but it's much more difficult now. Why is that? 

05:56 Companies spend a fortune on leadership development, but do leaders feel more prepared after going through these programs and courses?  

09:09 To what extent do leaders struggle because they aren't really cut out to be leaders? 

12:22 One of Mark’s biggest leadership challenges? Understanding cultural differences. 

15:58 What can struggling leaders do to improve their situation? 

18:13 Why is it important to get your manager involved if you feel like you’re struggling? Isn’t that admitting that you’re not doing your job?  

24:10 Mark's moment of leadership that had impact on his life.  

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Talk to an Expert: Being a Leader is Hard
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