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The Leadership 480SM Podcast

An Expat Assignment Isn’t a Vacation

Have you ever dreamed about working in one of your company’s international offices? Have we got a show for you! In this episode, Bruce Watt discusses what it takes to navigate being uprooted from your comfort zone and moved to an entirely different country for your job.


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The Leadership 480 Podcast: An Expat Assignment Isn’t a Vacation (Apple)
The Leadership 480 Podcast: An Expat Assignment Isn’t a Vacation (Spotify)
The Leadership 480 Podcast: An Expat Assignment Isn’t a Vacation (Stitcher)


07:01 The biggest challenges that Bruce encountered on his first expat assignment.


16:22 How having more life experience made Bruce more prepared for his expat assignment.

19:51 The conversations you need to have and the questions you need to ask before you go on your first expat assignment.

23:43 Practical tips for adapting to the expat life.

26:33 Be really clear with yourself. Are you prepared to do what's necessary? Because there will be a lot of things working against you.

You don't take on an expat assignment to make friends.

27:02 You need to realize that you're there for a reason. It's not a vacation.

27:52 Thinking back over the course of your career, can you share a moment of leadership that impacted you?

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