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Business Impact Leadership®:
Senior-Level Series

High-impact development for executives

Leaders in senior ranks wrestle with changes in the socio-political landscape, risk management, technology, job complexity, and human dynamics. Upon becoming a strategic-level executive, it often takes a leader years to master the role—and produce the kind of results stakeholders expect.

Business Impact Leadership®: Senior-Level Series is uniquely designed to help executives:

  • Establish a long-range vision
  • Flourish in the face of new, unexpected competitors
  • Be entrepreneurs who innovate to meet client needs
  • Create a high-performance culture
  • Execute strategy under intense scrutiny (and with little forgiveness) from their board and shareholders, the media, and the public at large.

With DDI, you can custom-design a senior leadership program for these critical areas:

  • Executing Strategy through topics such as thinking strategically, maintaining strategic focus, execution, and sustainability.
  • Igniting a High-Performance Culture by exploring ways to create a development culture and embrace the need to reach higher, analyze competing forces, drive innovation, and lead with greater courage.
  • Accelerating Change through driving organizational transformation and inspiring change.
  • Elevating Senior Team Performance by uncovering and addressing issues such as lack of vision, strategy misalignment, hidden agendas, dysfunctional behaviors, internal competition, and mistrust.
  • Optimizing Talent by developing a strategic talent mind-set, coaching for high performance, mentoring, and managing across cultures.
  • Forging Strategic Relationships by elevating emotional intelligence, and mastering the art of networking and partnering in today’s complex, interdependent world.
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