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Personal virtual coaching for frontline leaders

Global research shows that 63% of frontline leaders want more coaching from external mentors. Give them what they want!

DDI’s CoachLinkSM is a coaching service for frontline leaders focused on rapidly enhancing leader performance on the job. We take personal leadership development to the next level, giving leaders access to their own personal DDI coach via email, Skype/Zoom, and text.

What do leaders get with CoachLinkSM?

  • A dedicated DDI leadership coach delivering personalized training.
  • Six 30-minute weekly or biweekly coaching sessions that focus on helping the leader boost their strengths and identify and close skill gaps within key leadership competencies.
  • Direct access to external coaches. If your leader has a question while practicing a new leadership skill, their coach is just an email or text away!
  • Personalized leadership tools to help leaders apply new skills and improve their performance back on the job using DDI’s Pinpoint platform.

With CoachLinkSM, your leaders will…

  • Boost their leadership strengths and close skill gaps.
  • Improve performance back on the job.
  • Be more accountable for their own development.

What participants are saying

My strengths and weaknesses were quickly identified by my coaching, allowing the coach to make strong recommendations.

I feel like I grew during this process and I have ways to keep growing.

Made me think outside the box and get out of my comfort zone.  Also, made me realize that I need to have grace for myself as well as others.


*Currently, this service is only available in the United States.

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