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Finding Leadership Potential

Surface leadership potential at every level in your organization.

Transform your leaders into talent scouts and ignite the hidden potential of your workforce.

If you asked the leaders in your organization today what they think leadership potential looks like, would their answers be consistent? Probably not.

A DDI study found that leaders trained through a talent scout approach were 2.5x more likely to uncover hidden talent.

With DDI’s Finding Leadership Potential Workshop, participants will examine their critical role as talent scouts and learn best practices to surface and activate leadership potential in your organization. 

Delivered as a customizable half-day session for frontline leaders, senior leaders, and HR teams, this workshop will awaken participants to the critical role they play as talent scouts and build foundational skills and mindsets that allow them to more effectively identify and leverage potential across the organization. 

The program is based on DDI's four cornerstones of an effective talent scout:

  • Know your criteria
  • Manage your biases
  • Advocate for talent
  • Always on the lookout for talent

For organizations that already employ objective assessments as part of their talent process, the Finding Leadership Potential Workshop is a valuable tool to help managers better understand the criteria associated with these tools and create stronger links to the organization's talent and succession objectives. 

Finding Leadership Potential Workshop helps your organization to:

  • Create a common language and set of criteria for recognizing and evaluating potential.
  • Reduce the effect of unconscious bias and encourage greater diversity in identifying candidates for promotion or high-potential programs.
  • Recognize major leadership potential factors and build understanding about the difference between performance, potential, and readiness.
  • Build a business case for building a strong leadership pipeline of internal talent.
  • Take action on assessment data to accelerate a diverse pool of leaders.

Through this powerful workshop your participants will:

  • Identify four critical practices that define their role as a talent scout.
  • Develop foundational skills for recognizing leadership potential.
  • Understand how unconscious bias influences decision-making.
  • Take an introspective look at how they can accelerate their talent’s potential.

Up your game when it comes to unleashing potential.

The Finding Leadership Potential Workshop will align your organization’s definition of leadership potential across every level so that you can successfully identify hidden potential and have more robust and impactful succession management conversations.

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