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Facilitator Certification Process Workshop

Interaction Management®

Facilitator Certification Process Workshop

Today’s facilitator must be armed with new skills to build and sustain a high-trust environment—encouraging learners not only to practice new skills in the classroom, but also apply them on the job. Effective facilitators are instrumental in building critical skill sets and developing strong leaders.

DDI’s Facilitator Certification Process (FCP) Workshop develops the skills and competencies facilitators need to deliver training that will address current facilitator challenges and build essential skills for organizational success. Upon certification, facilitators will be able to deliver DDI's award-winning Interaction Management courses, using either classroom or virtual classroom materials.

Get Certified Online: Now Available as a Virtual Workshop

The Facilitator Certification Process workshop is now also available virtually! Designed for three engaging days, the virtual workshop is delivered via Zoom. Registered participants will have access to prework online, interactive materials for the virtual workshop, and post-certification support.

Do You Face Any of These Issues?

  • Does your organization need internal facilitators to conduct DDI’s courses?
  • Do your facilitators have the necessary skills to help learners be successful in practicing the skills both in the classroom and back on the job?
  • Are your facilitators skilled at providing organizational context efficiently intertwined with course content?
  • Can your facilitators effectively handle challenging classroom situations?

Performance Objectives

Helps trainers:

  • Obtain DDI facilitator certification to deliver Interaction Management® (IM®) courses.
  • Demonstrate the competencies and key actions required for successful facilitation.
  • Gain insights on personal strengths and development areas related to facilitation.
  • Use IM® materials and tools to transfer learning from the classroom back to the job.
  • Understand their role in supporting training beyond the formal classroom.
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