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Leader3 Ready®
Leadership Assessment

Leader3 Ready® is a realistic, virtual leadership assessment that makes it easier to get the talent intelligence you need about your mid-level leaders to emerging executives. Our leadership assessment tools make it easy to identify the skills that leaders need to hone in order to take the next step. Leader3 Ready also provides a realistic and engaging assessment experience that mirrors the actual job role.

The Leader3 Ready leadership assessment allows you to identify, select, and develop the right leaders and prepare them for the role they’re in today—and the role you’ll need them to step up to tomorrow. While other leadership assessment tools tend to offer one-size fits all capabilities, Leader3 Ready is customizable to your organization's strategic business outcomes, your competencies, and the length of assessment desired. Additionally, the Leader3 Ready leadership assessment launches participants on their own path to development with highly personalized data and expert development practices. The prescribed development actions drive a laser focus on the development that matters most.

Why Leader3 Ready is the difference in identifying and accelerating your middle managers:

  • Customized, Innovative Assessment Experience: A compelling, high fidelity, virtual experience, tailored to the context of your organization’s business challenges and leadership expectations.
  • 4D View: A holistic lens into your leaders’ capabilities, synthesizing behavioral, motivational, experiential, and personality data.
  • Development Catalyst: Catapults leaders further into their own leadership development path with highly credible insights, interactive individual reports, and expert development guidance.
  • Strategic Insight: Greater intelligence for selecting and promoting for key positions today, accelerating the right leaders, and examining future business strategies of tomorrow.

Better intelligence to make better leadership decisions

Multiple layers of insight within our leadership assessments guide your decisions on promotion, succession, selection, development, and business strategy.

Group-level Leader3 Ready results will arm you with:

  • Sight—to understand how ready your leaders are to execute business strategies.
  • Insight—to make the right decisions about who to place in key positions or consider for differential focus. Results target specific skill gaps, focusing development to accelerate leader readiness.
  • Foresight—to look at your leadership capacity relative to new or potential business strategy scenarios and determine how ready your leaders are to step up to the future.

Leadership assessment backed by DDI's full service technology support

Your candidates, participants and administrators now have full access to DDI's new technology support portal, Service Ready, where they can solve, troubleshoot or submit their own support requests.

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