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Success ProfilesSM

Enabling competency management by defining what great talent looks like

DDI’s approach to helping organizations find the best talent is rooted in decades of research. Drawing on this, we’ve taken competency management to a new level and developed a methodology that provides a detailed, whole-person portrait of what’s required to succeed in a given role or job level.

DDI provides proven, flexible, comprehensive job analysis and competency management solutions to help you efficiently and accurately identify the competencies, personal attributes, knowledge, and experience that define an ideal performer—what we call Success ProfilesSM.

We work with you to define your most critical business drivers (e.g., opening new global markets, boosting market share, driving innovation). Next, we custom-craft your holistic Success Profiles, pinpointing exactly what is required for peak performance.

As a result, these Success Profiles are tightly linked to your business strategies and serve as a solid foundation for better talent decisions at all levels.

Success Profiles

DDI’s Success Profiles:

  • Connect people strategy to business strategy and ensure competency models anticipate the changes of a dynamic business environment.
  • Communicate an enterprise-wide understanding of job and role expectations. Support and focus talent discussions and audits.
  • Target candidates who’ll thrive within your culture and drive development plans to support their success.
  • Mitigate legal risk with a fully-documented data-gathering and analysis process.

Why DDI’s Success Profiles approach is the industry’s best:

  • Unparalleled track record. Our Success Profiles are the product of 40-plus years of research—applied and validated—across nearly every job, level, and industry around the world.
  • Business relevance. Success Profiles target both current and future capability needs.
  • Flexibility. Whether you’re looking for in-depth consulting expertise or an easy-to-use, profile-building process you can conduct in-house, we have a competency management solution for you:
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