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Talent Management Analytics and

Actionable insight that drives your business

Leadership Analytics and Measurement are integrated with all of DDI’s assessment and development solutions to deliver the data you need to make better decisions about your talent initiatives as they relate to your business imperatives.

Leadership Talent Management Analytics and Measurement will help you:

  • Identify and mitigate talent gaps and risks, within or between levels in your leadership pipeline.
  • Understand the future mismatches between talent and strategy.
  • Engage the C-suite with the right data to adjust and realign talent strategy to business strategy.
  • Evaluate a program’s impact on participant reactions, learning, and behavior, and on organization-level metrics.
  • Diagnose opportunities for optimization by bolstering program enablers and mitigating limiting factors.

Leadership Analytics includes:

  • Benchmarking comparisons of your talent to the talent of industry peer companies.
  • A dashboard of your organization’s overall leadership and talent readiness tied to your business drivers.
  • Impact analyses that document the relationship of data from leadership assessments to performance/HR metrics.
  • Pipeline analyses revealing gaps or expected transition challenges across your leadership pipeline.
  • "What if" scenarios that project talent readiness given different models or scenarios of organizational performance goals, enabling factors, and talent metrics.
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