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Targeted Selection®

Reduce interviewing bias to hire the best candidates

We all need more time when it comes to hiring. More time to find candidates, more time to interview, and more time to evaluate for the right fit. Unfortunately, positions needed filled yesterday and with unemployment at record lows, good candidates are being snatched up quickly. Applicants may have already accepted a job elsewhere before you’ve decided on the skills needed for the job.

Behavioral interviewing can help you maximize your time, your 480 minutes each day, by making the best hiring decisions. By implementing both the art and science of interviewing, you will hire the best candidate for every job, while ensuring a fair and memorable candidate experience.

Targeted Selection® is the most widely used behavioral interviewing system in the world. It provides a consistent, structured approach to behavioral interviewing, which reduces bias and increases the likelihood that you will choose the candidate that is the best fit for all aspects of the job.

Targeted Selection trains hiring managers and recruiters to collect job-relevant data about candidates. Additionally, Targeted Selection develops the skills required to evaluate and integrate the data gathered by teams of interviewers to arrive at objective decisions that does not fall prey to a single interviewer’s preference or the loudest voice in a panel interview.

Targeted Selection at a Glance:

  • Fully compatible with DDI’s suite of integrated hiring solutions, including job analysis, assessment, and simulations.
  • Supported by a global delivery network of consultants and trainers.
  • Features companion workshops to certify your in-house personnel to train and coach interviewers.
  • Flexible delivery options, modalities, and certifications.

Targeted Selection is specifically designed to help organizations:

  • Focus on competencies: The Targeted Selection interviewing process focuses on the specific competencies needed for the job rather than other influencing factors. This drives better hiring decisions by collecting and analyzing a variety of candidate information, including knowledge, experience, competencies, and personal motivation.
  • Deliver a consistent interview experience: The structure of a Targeted Selection interview ensures that every candidate has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their fit for the job, no matter who interviews them. And you’ll build your hiring brand by providing a more engaging interviewing experience for job-seekers, helping attract your candidates-of-choice and improve offer acceptance rates.
  • Gain multiple perspectives: By having multiple interviewers use the same methodology with each candidate, the hiring team gains a complete picture of the candidate from perspectives they may not have previously considered.
  • Emphasize behavior: Past behavior predicts future behavior. By focusing on past behavior, interviewers get the clearest picture of how a candidate is likely to perform in the job.
  • Level the playing field: Each interviewer uses the STAR method and the same competencies to gather job relevant data from every candidate. This consistency guarantees each candidate gets equal consideration for the job.
  • Ensure motivational fit: Targeted Selection makes certain that you hire candidates who not only ‘can do,’ but also ‘want to’ carry out and even enjoy the job’s tasks and responsibilities.
  • Reduce bias:  Bias might cause us to connect with someone who shares our interests and background, while potentially overlooking other candidates from different backgrounds that might be more qualified for the job. Targeted Selection helps to reduce bias in the interview process by providing a structured, competency-based approach that integrates data from multiple interviewers.


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