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How Emory University Developed Transition-Ready Leaders


The university needed more qualified internal candidates for leadership positions when those positions became available.


Development programs at multiple levels, incorporating DDI’s Interaction Management® and Business Impact Leadership®, and the Leadership Mirror® 360-degree feedback tool.


Available pools of candidates who could successfully transition into next-level roles, and the ability to begin building career paths.

“We want people internally that are prepared, ready for transition, and as good as or better than anyone we could go out and get somewhere else.”

- Wanda Hayes, Senior Director, Learning Development, Emory University

At Emory University, a leading research university located in Atlanta, Ga., there wasn’t always a pool of qualified internal candidates to fill open leadership positions.

To change that, it sought to implement a talent management strategy and build a leadership pipeline that would prepare leaders at multiple levels and individual contributors to successfully transition into next-level leadership roles when they became available.

In this video, Wanda Hayes discusses the challenges that came with not having enough qualified internal candidates, and how, level by level, Emory built the leadership pipeline it needed.

Learn how DDI can help accelerate your leaders for maximum impact.

Talk to an Expert: How Emory University Developed Transition-Ready Leaders
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