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Great Leaders
Drive Efficiency
and Profitability

The Science of Selecting
High-Performing Leaders

This finding from The Science of Selecting High-Performing Leaders discusses how DDI assessments identify leaders who are skilled at execution, driving efficiency and profitability.
Great Leaders Drive Efficiency and Profitability

Great Leaders:

Translate strategic priorities into operational reality. High scorers were 4.1 times more likely to convert strategic goals into measurable and sustainable results within their work groups.

Accelerate employee productivity. 92 percent of leaders saw a positive impact on employee productivity as a result of DDI’s interviewing program vs. 36 percent when other selection processes were used.

Set and track well-aligned employee performance. High scorers were 3.1 times more likely to align employee performance with organizational priorities more effectively.

Continue growing their skills in executing business strategy. 90 percent of DDI assessment participants improved their ability to execute business strategy following development based on behavioral feedback from the assessment.

Leaders with a long history of driving efficiency and productivity not only point the way for employees, but also build commitment to their organization’s long-term strategy, translate company-level priorities into clear individual-level accountabilities, and continually track and optimize employee performance throughout the year (vs. at annual review time). Unfortunately, finding these leaders is a challenge for many. Our research shows that barely half of leaders consistently demonstrate readiness in driving efficiency through process execution, only 42 percent show readiness in process innovation, and a mere 37 percent show readiness in driving profitability.

This capability shortage raises the stakes for leader appointment decisions. If hiring and promotion tools fail to capture the information needed to gauge a leader’s execution readiness, the consequences can be costly.

On the job, leaders with undiagnosed readiness gaps are unlikely to meet performance expectations, and may require lengthy (and unbudgeted) in-role development.

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