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Strategic Leadership Experience®

Immersive development program to prepare your senior leaders

Strategic Leadership Experience® is an immersive development program to prepare operational leaders for the unique challenges and demands of moving into senior strategic leadership. It helps you:

  • Quickly prepare high-potential talent for the next step up in their career into strategic leadership roles.
  • Determine which areas of development, in relation to the nine key leadership roles, are most critical for their senior teams.
  • Solve real-time business challenges by having the leaders apply the behaviors to arrive at solutions.

Strategic Leadership Experience provides:

  • A four-day program in which participants perform nine situational roles that are crucial to success as senior strategic leaders.
  • A leadership simulation in which participants see outcomes of crucial business decisions.
  • Personal insight through self-assessment tools, journaling, and peer feedback.

Develop the nine roles of strategic leadership:

The Strategic Leadership Experience provides your leaders with the opportunity to experience each of these roles.

  1. Navigator—Clearly and quickly works through the complexity of key issues, problems and opportunities to affect actions (e.g., leverage opportunities and resolve issues).
  2. Strategist—Develops a long-range course of action or set of goals to align with the organization’s vision.
  3. Entrepreneur—Identifies and exploits opportunities for new products, services, and markets.
  4. Mobilizer—Proactively builds and aligns stakeholders, capabilities, and resources for getting things done quickly and achieving complex objectives.
  5. Talent Advocate—Attracts, develops, and retains talent to ensure that people with the right skills and motivations to meet business needs are in the right place at the right time.
  6. Captivator—Builds passion and commitment toward a common goal.
  7. Global Thinker—Integrates information from all sources to develop a well-informed, diverse perspective that can be used to optimize organizational performance.
  8. Change Driver—Creates an environment that embraces change;makes change happen—even if the change is radical— and helps others to accept new ideas.
  9. Enterprise Guardian—Ensures shareholder value through courageous decision-making that supports enterprise—or unit-wide interests.


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