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Virtual Reality
for Leadership Development

Experience DDI’s Award-Winning Leadership Development
in the Virtual World

95% of leaders perceive the effectiveness of virtual reality training as high
95% of leaders perceive the effectiveness of virtual reality training as high*
*DDI data from participants in its pilot programs

The fastest and most effective way to learn is by doing. But for leaders, learning on the job through trial and error carries substantial risk, including low engagement, low productivity, and low retention. It takes time for them to gain the knowledge and leadership experience to get it right.

But only in the real world.

With the power of virtual reality, your leaders get the benefits of on-the-job learning, without the risks of failure. Fueled by our award-winning leadership development content, DDI’s VR experiences immerse your leaders in realistic simulations of their toughest leadership challenges. In a safe virtual environment, your leaders have the opportunity to learn, try, fail, and grow – without risk.

Open Up the Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion initiatives depend on leaders developing one key skill: empathy. DDI’s Virtual Reality Inclusion Experience will open up your leaders to an empathy-driven conversation about inclusion – and commit to change.

Virtual Reality Inclusion Experience
Improve diversity and inclusion with virtual reality

Develop Soft Skills in VR

Put your leaders’ soft skills to the test in difficult conversations. DDI’s interactive immersion scenarios enable leaders to practice leadership soft skills in a judgment-free environment. Or, leaders can jump into a practice scenario to prep for a tough talk just before the real thing.

Virtual Reality for Soft Skills Training
Prepare for tough leadership conversations in a safe virtual world

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