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Virtual Reality Inclusion Experience

Improve diversity and inclusion with virtual reality

There’s a gap in nearly every diversity and inclusion program that inhibits its success: Empathy.

While your leaders may support D&I at an intellectual level, many don’t connect to the topic on an emotional level, particularly if they’ve never felt excluded at work. Meanwhile, those who have felt excluded may struggle to share their experiences. This disconnect can cause your D&I program to fail to produce meaningful change.

With DDI by your side, you can bridge the empathy gap and bring inclusion to life at your organization. And it starts with a few minutes in virtual reality.

Enter the empathy machine

Research shows that virtual reality technology can improve empathy among users, earning VR the nickname “The Empathy Machine.” Unlike a video in which the participant is only an observer, VR puts participants right in the action, interacting with others like in real life.

DDI’s Inclusion Experience begins by immersing leaders in a short VR scenario in which they experience many common issues related to D&I, such as:

  • Negative assumptions about their qualifications.
  • The risk and difficulty of trying to present an opposing viewpoint.
  • Exclusion from social and work-related activities.
  • Conflicting advice on how to improve.

Start a powerful conversation about D&I

After the VR experience, your leaders will be ready to have a powerful conversation about how they feel. A facilitator will guide an open and honest discussion about:

  • How leaders felt about themselves personally and professionally when they were excluded.
  • How their own experience relates to the scenario.
  • Unconscious biases that can lead to exclusion.
  • The business impact of exclusion.
  • What leaders can do to create a more inclusive workplace.

Most importantly, your leaders will leave the session with stronger emotional understanding of inclusion and clear actions to model inclusive behaviors, including inviting their colleagues and team members into conversations to contribute ideas and perspectives.

Plan Your Inclusion Experience

DDI’s Virtual Reality Inclusion Experience lasts approximately two hours and is designed to be delivered as a small group discussion with leaders at any level. The session can easily be integrated into your existing D&I or leadership program, either as a kickoff to your D&I learning strategy or as a deeper dive into inclusion as part of the ongoing conversation around inclusion for your leaders.

Talk to an Expert: Virtual Reality Inclusion Experience
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