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Women in Leadership

Unleash the potential of women leaders

DDI will help your business unleash the potential of women in leadership by:

Organizations that have at least 30% women in leadership roles are 12x more likely to excel financially.

  • Aligning your diversity strategy with your talent strategy
  • Creating a stronger pipeline of women leaders
  • Leveraging gender diversity for better business results

The business case for getting more women in leadership has never been stronger. The Global Leadership Forecast 2018, published by DDI, The Conference Board, and EY, showed that organizations that have at least 30% women in leadership are 1.4 times more likely to have sustained profitable growth. To leverage the power of gender diversity in your organization, partner with DDI to plan for success, deliver success, and measure success for your women in leadership initiatives.

Women in Leadership

Plan for Success

Consulting: Create Momentum
Spark energy for your Women in Leadership program by planning a clear path toward success. DDI consultants will work with you to assess your current practices, clarify your goals and objectives, and plan actions that will fuel success. 

Find Barriers
Ignite the potential of women in your organization! Find out which talent practices are holding women back from pursuing leadership opportunities and identify areas that can be improved. Our easy-to-implement survey allows you to objectively:

  • Benchmark your practices against thousands of organizations.
  • Find out which practices most impact your critical diversity outcomes.
  • Review your existing strategies, initiatives, processes, and policies.

If you're ready to unleash the hidden potential of women in your organization, this is a great place to start.

Women in Leadership

Deliver Success

Address Gender Bias Within Talent Systems
Talent systems within your organization may be limiting gender diversity. People decisions, like selection, promotion and high-potential identification may not be bias-free, lacking objectivity and fairness. DDI specializes in data-based leadership assessments, Success Profiles and bias-free interviewing approaches.

Create Insight for Your Leaders
DDI’s Ignite Your Impact Assessment: Women in LeadershipSM 180° or 360° assessment feedback system sparks women’s development with powerful insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and the skills they need to ignite their impact.

Engage Leaders with a Keynote
#LeadLikeAGirl: Build excitement for your women in leadership initiative with this high-energy keynote for your lunch-and-learn conference or virtual session. Female and male attendees will find real-world wisdom from themes including confidence, inner strength, and accessing the leader within.

Ignite the Impact of Women Leaders
The Ignite Your Impact: Women in LeadershipSM two-hour sessions (face-to-face or virtual by temporary use of non-downloadable DDI software) address issues confronting women at all levels. Mix and match all or a select few into your unique development design.

  • Closing the Confidence Gap
  • Declare Your Brand
  • Influence Your Career
  • Radiate Confidence
  • Fail Forward
  • Super-Power Your Network

Activate Men as Allies
With DDI's Men as Allies session (alternatively called Leaders as Allies), you can create a more equitable and gender-diverse workplace extended to both men and women. This face-to-face or virtual session empowers bosses and colleagues to be allies to women. It uniquely focuses on what allies can do to champion women versus what they cannot do.

Executives are in a unique and powerful position to make substantial advancements with gender equality within their organization. The Executives as Allies Session includes all foundational content covered in the standard Men as Allies course, with activities and content leveled-up to accommodate an audience of top-level leaders. After surfacing top organizational barriers to Women in Leadership, participants define actions to address and overcome the identified challenges. Participants then establish lead and lag measures to monitor progress toward a more gender diverse leadership pool. Opportunities for ongoing post-session dialogue and consulting are also available.

Diversity, Respect and Inclusion Training
DDI’s comprehensive leadership development offerings create a strong development foundation of skills and mindsets related to diversity and inclusion. Training includes Creating an Inclusive Environment and microcourses on Unconscious Bias and Closing the Confidence Gap.​

DDI is passionate about the cause of advancing women in leadership. Women comprise 53% of our leadership bench.

Prepare your next generation of leaders with a customized program
DDI will work with you to co-create a custom program for early career or rising senior leaders based on award-winning content from DDI’s Interaction Management®, Business Impact LeadershipSM, and Ignite Your Impact: Women in LeadershipSMseries. Custom programs may include:

  • A kick-off with your executive stakeholders.
  • An orientation for managers to support and reinforce development.
  • A high-fidelity pre-assessment with feedback from an executive coach.
  • Opportunities for experiential learning, presentations, and reflections.
  • Activities and tools before and after core learning days.
  • Development planning, monthly check-ins and ongoing coaching.
  • Built-in measurement to evaluate impact on leaders, teams, and the business.
Women in Leadership

Measure Success

Guide Efforts with Early Results
Within three to six months of implementing your women in leadership program, DDI will work with you to gain reactions from participants and early impact results to help guide the continuing course for the program.

Measure Impact
A year after implementation, we will work with you to measure results of your program, including the percent of women hired, promoted, and in the pipeline for senior leadership. DDI’s experts will work with you to incorporate these analytics into your continuing efforts for women in leadership.

Women in Leadership

DDI’s Track Record

Stronger male allies for women leaders
Male leaders who participated in DDI’s Men as Allies program are 84% more likely to speak up about workplace gender inequality.
Source: DDI Treatment-Control Experimental Study (2017)

More confident women leaders
82% of women report their confidence increased after participating in DDI’s Interaction Management® leadership development programs.
Source: Proof That DDI’s Development Pays Off (2017)

Less bias in executive decisions
82% of executive sponsors said that DDI’s executive assessments increased the objectivity of their talent decisions.
Source: Research Brief: The Value of Assessment (2015)

Video: Red Chair PGH DDI Scholarship Program Supports Women in Technology

Talk to an Expert: Women in Leadership
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